Life Coaching

Life Coaching

At Simply Therapy in Bury with offices in Greater Manchester, Rossendale, Lancashire we offer a bespoke tailor made flexible counselling and psychotherapy service which can be carried out in one of our exclusive offices, in the comfort of your own home or suitable location.

What is Life Coaching?
Life coaching aims to draws out a person’s potential rather than puts in aims and knowledge from outside.

  • It develops rather than imposes.
  • It reflects rather than directs.

Effective life coaching is a form of change facilitation – it enables people, rather than trains them. Life coaching is reactive and flexible – it allows for personal transition on an individual basis. Coaching of this sort makes no assumptions – it’s not judgmental, nor is it prescriptive or instructional. Empathy is central to the coaching process. Good personal coaching seeks to help the other person’s understanding of himself or herself.

Life coaching is rather like a brand or label of the life coaching industry, but it potentially covers virtually every aspect of personal development that an individual might aspire to – for career direction and development, management, executive and leadership, business start-up and entrepreneurialism, life skills, personal fulfilment, life-balance, and the acquisition of specific skills or knowledge.

Life coaching can be this adaptable because it is not concerned with delivery and specialised training – it focuses on enablement and reflection, so that the individual decides and discovers their required progression themselves.

Purposes of life coaching:
People use life coaches for various reasons, for example:
sounding board, career help, career direction

Coaching is about getting the very best out of someone and enabling them to make decisions that will improve their life. Coaches are hired for very many different and diverse reasons, for example: to climb the career ladder faster; to feel more fulfilled at work; to improve relationships with family and partners; to learn parenting skills that benefit both the child and parent; to gain a spiritual meaning to life, or a desire to ‘get sorted’.

The profession is growing and coaching is becoming widely acknowledged also because people realise just how effective coaching is. Coaching is a relatively new and different profession – different to psychology, counselling or therapy. The big difference between coaching and these professions is that coaching doesn’t claim to have the answers. A coach’s job is not to go over old ground, be past-orientated or to force-feed information, but to work with clients to help them find the answers themselves.

Also, when a person experiences being coached, their motivation comes from working with a coach who is him/herself an upbeat, positive role model. In this way coaching is a unique way of developing people. Coaches agree that helping clients to reach their full potential through this approach produces great satisfaction.

We believe in our potential to live a more fulfilling and happier life. Asking for help can be the hardest decision to make, but it could be your first step to real change.
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