Email Counselling

Email Counselling

At Simply Therapy Greater Manchester, with offices in Bury, Rossendale and Lancashire, we offer an email counselling and psychotherapy service which is conducted through the sending of email letters by the client and email responses by the counsellor psychotherapist.

email counsellingWith email counselling you can freely discuss and explore issues and concerns that are important to you when you want and where you do not have to have face to face interaction. The counsellor will analyse and respond with their thoughts asking questions, seeking clarity and support you with your issues, concerns and problems with the aim to reach a mutual understanding of what is required and needed and how it can be achieved.

You will be supported throughout the interaction and enabled and empowered to be able to through your own exploration deal with the issues that you face in life and move forward, taking control of the issues and enabling you to work through solutions that are right for you. The frequency of the emails, the amount and the timing of the email responses will be agreed between us.

Email counselling and psychotherapy is a choice for various reasons:

  • Email counselling can be suitable and convenient where you can explore and think when it suits you to put down in writing your issues, concerns, problems and dilemmas and examine your  thoughts, feelings and emotions and where you can do this from the confines of your own home.
  • This gives you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings as they arise and you do not need to wait until your next booked counselling therapy session.
  • Email counselling suits individual members who are not at ease with face to face counselling for whatever personal reasons.
  • With email therapy you can have anonymity and this allows you to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions more freely and gradually ease and build the development of trust.
  • Email counselling and psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you build trust and confidence which will lead you forward towards individual face to face counselling if that’s what you want.
  • If you live in an isolated, remote area email counselling gives you an alternative option to individual face to face therapy.

iStockSmallAn email counselling session involves you as composing in writing an in-depth email of your issues, problems dilemmas and concerns that are troubling you. At Simply Therapy our counsellor psychotherapist will provide you with a detailed response within the time-scales jointly agreed upon with a detailed specific response.

Email counselling may not suitable for those who have complex needs such as mental health issues. If you are unsure of this provisions suitability please contact our counsellors to discuss your needs and we will provide you the most suitable bespoke therapy and tailor made service which will suit your requirements . As Counsellor Psychotherapists we offer a wealth of experience in providing an effective mental health counselling service and are qualified in working with and enabling people to put in place effective solutions leading to improved quality of life.

Single response email counselling therapy sessions are charged at £15, however we do recommend booking a number of sessions as with individual face to face counselling that expressing your thoughts, feelings and concerns take time to work through, explore, analyse, untangle and achieve solutions that are right for you.  At Simply Therapy our psychotherapists  provide discounted block bookings of 6 email responses at £75.