Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

At Simply Therapy, Bury, with offices in Greater Manchester, Rossendale, Lancashire we offer a tailor made flexible counselling and psychotherapy service which can be  carried out in one of our exclusive offices, in the comfort of your own home or suitable location.

Committed, loving and dedicated relationships have a strong impact and influence the stability on our lives. A person’s sense of mental health and well-being, the fostering and development of our mental emotional needs can be influenced substantially by having a positive relationship.

Where relationships are no longer positive and meaningful, results in one feeling anxious, depressed, guilty, upset, betrayed, used, unvalued, bitter, angry , isolated and miserable as a consequence. Relationship, couple or marriage issues, concerns, problems and dilemmas affect a wider social circle including children, parents, other family members, friends and associates.

reconcilliationThere are no rules and procedures set in stone which can be followed in having happy relationships as people’s needs, wants and requirements are unique. Every individual experiences highs and lows, fluctuations in moods but ultimately the aim is doing our utmost to work jointly and cohesively as a united couple.

When this fails us and things begin to fracture, it can be tough to see a solution in these relationships.  Just who do you turn to when this source of trust and reliance is no longer there?

Is it worth undertaking relationship counselling therapy with Simply Therapy?

If you are constantly arguing and living in an environment with on-going friction, bitterness on a reoccurring frequent basis. Or if your relationship has lost its intimacy, warmth, understanding and contentment this may indicate there are underlying deeper issues which are impacting on your life and causing concern to the success of your relationship.

Relationships can often be challenging, particularly when there are differing opinions and viewpoints, values, varying beliefs and different cultural backgrounds.

At Simply Therapy we as Counsellors Psychotherapists work in an ethical manner and offer both individual marriage and couple counselling therapy to acknowledge and identify the issues, concerns, problems and dilemmas you encounter.  You will be  supported, enabling you to rekindle yourself and your partner’s relationship and rebuild the relationship with recognising, appreciating oneself and what each other have to offer and have a new beginning based on a new found sense of trust, respect, integrity, value and a new found sense of appreciation. We offer counselling from qualified practitioners with over 20 years work experience supporting people experiencing relationship troubles by enabling theme to work through their issues and piece together step by step positive solutions that are right for them.

With cracks and a breakdown in a relationship this brings pain, distress and impacts on children, other family members and close friends. With the support of a qualified, trained counsellor psychotherapist who facilitates and acts in an impartial manner who can support you both to work through the issues and enabling harmony and breaking through barriers and working out jointly positive and effective solutions where the rebuilding and trust and love can be resurrected back into the relationship by listening to one another and reaching a common understanding and wanting to overcome barriers and obstacles in order to succeed together. Our relationship therapists are, experienced, warm, empathic, genuine, offer acceptance, non judgemental. Our relationship counsellors are committed in helping clients overcome their concerns by helping them to unravel their thoughts, express their feelings to one another without fear of retribution in a safe place. You will be supported and enabled in working through your problems and putting in place effective measures which are right for you and will help you lead a balanced life and more forward.

We can, as a Counsellor Psychotherapist, offer expertise and skills in supporting you and enabling you to work through the issues and find the solutions in order to resolve your problems which may include :

  • Controlling or abusive behaviour from one or both parties
  • Imbalance of power
  • Loss of intimacy
  • Extra-marital affairs
  • Sexual problems
  • Family issues
  • Mental abuse
  • Physical abuse

We will be empathetic, listen, be non-judgemental and help you to put in place positive strategies and measures, taking positive steps to change and rebuild your current relationship. As Counsellor psychotherapists we will support you when you feel overwhelmed, lost and feel like you cant move forward and offer counselling approaches which suit your unique needs such as  person centred, integrative, gestalt, psychodynamic or C.B.T.

Moving forward and taking the steps to begin to rebuild the relationship

Relationship, couple or marriage counselling is about positive change. As a counsellor therapist, our role will be for you to gain self-awareness, a stronger inner perception of yourself and your partner. As psychotherapists, we will enable you to acknowledge and identify the problems and concerns around your relationship problems and put in place positive step by step strategies and measures you both agree to work on after analysis and exploration and move forward in succeeding and having solutions that you are both happy with.

relationshipsWe as therapists will support you in discussing the issues in an honest, genuine, open and transparent manner and help identify appropriate steps that would work for you both, reach agreement and consensus and reach an amicable resolution in what would be a positive and lead to a happy outcome for both parties.

By acknowledging the issues and how it affects the other person, giving them respect then you are able to start building bridges and mend the relationship with the agreed action plan as it meets your needs and gives the positive and happy outcome you strive to achieve that you have explored jointly and signed up to.

You can take positive steps in rebuilding and rekindling your relationship by contacting us today at Simply Therapy in Bury, Greater Manchester.