Counselling for young people


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Young people can receive counselling to support their mental health and enable them to make decisions when faced with issues, problems and dilemmas at Simply Therapy, Bury, Manchester.

Through counselling and psychotherapy young people’s voice can be heard, listened to, allowing you to analyse your thought processes, think through issues that concern you and start making sense of the thoughts, feelings and emotions through exploration and working out solutions that are right and unique to your needs. Counselling support will enable you to be empowered and set realistic goals , aspirations and become stronger in dealing with difficulties that you encounter in life and then be able to deal with issues and problems and move forward.

Through psychotherapy you will be allowed to explore your mind and thoughts in a safe non judgemental environment. Here you can explore your ideas if you are not sure what to do by giving you space, time out to think through possible ideas and solutions to deal with your dilemmas.

In Counselling its all about you and what is unique and right for your needs and you are central and have the ultimate say in the decision making process which affects your life. You get the space and time to explore your thought processes, analyse and reach your own decisions about dealing with issues and problems and then are enabled to move forward . The psychotherapist will listen to you, get you to think out of the box and look at the problem through different perspectives and allow you to make your own decisions and empower you to enable you to deal with issues and to make key decisions that can affect your life and are important to you.

Why go to counselling through Simply Therapy?

Counselling is not for weak people its for those young people who are aware that they have issues, problems and dilemmas and can in a supportive environment and be able to deal with those concerns, set goals and aspirations and be empowered and move forward and succeed in life. Many young people use counselling every year for many different things. Sometimes just talking to someone away from your family or friends and who is trained in listening and supporting young people can be easier.

Psychotherapy and counselling does help young people who have had to face a wide range of issues and problems. Counselling can help you to deal with anxieties, depression, mood swings, thoughts of self harm and to others, deal with anger management, confidence issues, suicidal thoughts, being victimised and bullied, abuse, bereavement/loss, dealing with  family and relationship breakdowns, concerns about your education, the future and job prospects.

My experience and training as a psychotherapist and counsellor at Simply Therapy and where do you see me ?

I am qualified, trained and experienced in enabling young people to deal with their issues and problems and empower them so they can deal with conflicts that they face in life and be able to deal with them and become stronger and move forward to succeed in life.

Counselling is available directly to us through the internet or through mental health practitioners and Gps. At Simply Therapy I can meet you at our office premises in Bury, or at your home or at a suitable place that you are happy with  and am flexible and meet at a time that suits  you which can be in the day, evenings and weekends. At Simply Therapy through appointment booking either on line or by telephone. Also we offer an SMS Texting service if that suits your needs and requirements as well as face to face psychotherapy support.

At Simply Therapy usually counselling sessions last for an hour but do offer longer sessions where there is a need. Generally I offer 6 sessions and additional sessions can be provided where there are a number of issues , problems and dilemmas that you want support in being able to resolve. I will work at your pace where you are comfortable in analysing the decisions and thought processes when dealing with matters that are troubling you

What will I do with the the information that you share with me as a therapist ?

The problems, issues and dilemmas that you share with your Counsellor at Simply Therapy is of the utmost confidence and private in nature and stays in the counselling room. An important thing about counselling is that it is confidential . The only time confidentiality will be breached is when you are threatening to harm to yourself and others and we need to ensure yours and their safety which is paramount. Then we at evolve will talk to you first about it and then talk to someone else if you or  are in danger of committing serious harm to yourself or another.

What do young people think about counselling and how can it help you ?

Youngpeople have added that through counselling and psychotherapy that they feel that they have been able to unload to a specialist who listens, values them as individuals and are their to support and empower them to be able to deal with difficulties and be able to explore, work through them in a non judgemental, positive, safe environment where they are taken seriously.

Young people have said psychotherapy has made a substantial difference in their life and improved their mental health where they have felt : emotionally stronger, confident of who they are and believe in themselves and are stronger, where they feel accepted for who they are, have clear goals and aspirations and have focus in striving forward in life.

For more information on the services we offer please visit our website on Email or  Alternatively call me on 0161 29 85 999