Selection of recent testimonials


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I had tremendous issues with my confidence, self-belief, self-worth and trust but with Jan’s therapeutic skills I am now positive, self-assured and no longer shy away and am moving on with my life.

I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and now after a few sessions I am in control of my emotions, feelings and are managing my life effectively and am living life to the full. Thank you again Jan!

Due to my anger management issues I lost my job and partner. Through therapy with Jan I am now a calmer, relaxed, confident person and can manage stress and control my actions

Thanks Jan with your therapy I no longer take cocaine which ruined my relationship with my girlfriend. Now we are back together and are expecting our first child!

I suffered from sexual abuse and through therapy have found my true self and now can move on with my life and establish relationships

I am a successful business woman and the stress of managing a small business had traumatic effects on me and with hypnotherapy I am stress free and nothing gets the better of me now. Thank you!

I have suffered from depression since childhood and through hypnotherapy and counselling I am full of positivity, am driven, focused and have control of my life

I was going through domestic violence and through therapy have had the courage to walk away from a 9 year emotional and physical abusive relationship

I was struggling, living a lie for 27 years with my wife and through support from Jan I have had the confidence to face my true self as I have been in the wrong body and am transgender

I feared flying and through hypnotherapy with Jan have come back from Rome!

I had an internet, pornography addiction and it became so obsessive it took over my life. With Jan’s hypnotic skills the addiction has gone, like a cloud on a summer’s day!