Alcohol help, better sleep, and cigarette quitting


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  • I have had alcohol cessation hypnotherapy with Jan and my addiction almost cost me my family. Now my work life and relationships are back on track and life is great!
  • I have had weight loss hypnosis and have lost 19 lbs and look, feel amazing and have regained my confidence in myself at work and socially. Thank you Jan for all your support, the therapy worked!
  • I have not slept for more than 3 hours each night for over 20 years and through having a few sessions with Jan something must have clicked and now I sleep on average for 7 ½ hours and no longer toss and turn with lack of sleep! I can now focus, concentrate and lead a health productive life. Thanks pal!
  • I have suffered from social anxiety and with hypnotherapy from Jan I have regained confidence and belief in myself and now can go to normal places like supermarkets, shopping centres bars and restaurants! I am grateful Jan and wished id done this sooner!
  • I was a 60 plus a day cigarette smoker! Now I’ve stopped I am amazed – Thanks Jan!