Employee Assistance Programme

Employee Assistance Programme

Simply Therapy, with offices in  Bury, Greater Manchester, Rossendale in Lancashire have qualified, mediators with substantial experience of resolving disputes at work and bringing about change by helping clients overcome their issues and problems within the workplace or personal issues impacting their performance a work. Our mediators have extensive experience,  a proven track record of resolving disputes and reaching amicable resolutions allowing both parties to move forward positively.

Businesses consider their employees as the most important investment and can be working in various roles from the employee working on the production line on the factory floor, carrying out manual work, supervisory or working at a management level. No doubt you know that keeping your hard working and dedicated personnel is one of your main priorities.

social anxietyWhen your staff is not performing at their optimal level, this has impact and adds pressure on the rest of the team, affecting their performance and resulting in loss of clients and contracts which affects your profitability, image, reputation in not meeting deadlines and provider an ineffective service or manufacturing and delivery of goods to customers. This as a consequence is referred to as the domino effect which has a knock on effect on profitability.

As you know where employees feel  they are cared for and valued by the organisation and management are more motivated, responsible and accountable for the work they do, are passionate  and driven to achieve at a high level. This in turn enhances profits leading the business towards success building on the image and reputation of being an excellent employer.

The costs of replacing personnel who is disgruntled or under performing or on sick leave can be immense. The cost of re advertising, training a new employee as well as the loss of income while the new staff member is still learning the role and thereby less productive. No doubt you are aware of the cost implications associated with a member of staff and how losing that staff member will have a detrimental effect on the profitability, image and maybe reputation of the business.

Benefits of the Employee Assistance Programme through Simply Therapy, Bury, Greater Manchester, Rossendale , Lancashire include:

  • Decrease in absenteeism or sick-leave and lateness
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Improved workforce morale
  • Improves staff retention
  • Reduced workplace accidents
  • Increase in staff motivation
  • Increased productivity as staff are valued dedicated and committed
  • Developing a  committed and empowered workforce
  • Developing new skills to deal with issues
  • Resulting in a more responsible and accountable employee
  • Employees are more open to multi task and take on additional and extra work

With Simply Therapy our Counsellor Psychotherapists offer the Employee Assistance Programme which can be tailored to your personnel or business needs. Some of our  clients require us to provide confidential counselling to their workforce when needed. Other organisations prefer the option of an intervention in case of a crisis or on a reactive basis.

For prices please contact our mediators for a quote tailored to the needs of your employees and business requirements and needs.Call us on 07429 608873  or email us via our Contact Page for further information.