How do I know if I need Counselling and Psychotherapy support sessions?

You can take and engage in counselling sessions for a variety of reasons which include to gain insight, clarity on an issue or problem, change old patterns and behaviours that concern you, unravel complex personal issues which have been buried in your mind which raise its head and cause distress or purely for self-development and improving your mental health and well being.

You may seek support and work with a Counsellor Psychotherapist  as a consequence from suffering from a crisis, or you may be encouraged to seek counselling by other family members, friends,colleagues and associates.

What happens in a Simply Therapy counselling and psychotherapy session in Bury, with offices in Greater Manchester, Rossendale, Lancashire?

FAQs There is no typical counselling session, we work in an ethical manner as we tailor make the session around your unique needs unless we have agreed upon a certain type or a structured counselling therapy for specific needs such as gender or sexuality. A usual 1  hour session is time set aside for you, and what you talk about will vary according to your needs,issues, requirements, emotions feelings at that time.

You are free to explore and discuss whatever you wish, from every day events, dilemmas, problems, issues, concerns,emotions, feelings, thoughts, regrets, aspirations, memories , dreams and aspirations. As experienced qualified counsellor therapists we have a proven track record, providing a supportive space for you to explore your thoughts, in a safe empathic environment where you will in a confidential, non judgemental place have the freedoom to explore your feelings, be able to express yourself, feel understood and listened to. As Counsellors pyschotherapists we offer congruence, regard and help you overcome your difficult feelings and emotions. We will empower and enable you to work through flexible solutions that meet and address your specific needs and requirments.

At Simply Therapy our Counsellor work with you and support you to work through your concerns in a meaningful way and enable you to work out solutions and empower you to take control and have direction in your life, improving your mental health and well being. Our Counsellors and Psychotherapists are well qualified, working in an ethical manner, offer a wealth of experience and will be working with you and enable you to put in place solutions to deal with the issues that are troubling you in your life.

What issues can counselling help with at Simply Therapy In Greater Manchester, with offices in Bury, Rossendale, Lancashire?

Clients come to counselling with a wide-range of issues and problems such as:

  • Anxiety – panic attacks, agoraphobia, generalised anxiety issues, social anxiety and claustrophobia)
  • Anger Management Issues and control
  • Stress in the work place or at home
  • Relationship issues – break-up, divorce, affairs, children, being attracted to choosing unsuitable partners, loneliness, life adjustments, marital problems, arguments, jealousy, wedding and premarital issues
  • Sexual issues – impotence, internet pornography, sexual addiction, loss of desire and passion
  • Infertility concerns
  • Trauma – post-traumatic stress disorder following accidents and incidents, rape and other attacks
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD’S)
  • Eating Disorders – including bulimia, anorexia nervosa, binge-eating, body dysphoria, negative and distorted image of the body
  • Depression – mood swings and social isolation
  • Phobias and fears such as: heights, driving, public speaking, fear of certain animals, fear of public congested places
  • Addiction – such as : gambling, internet, smoking and substance misuse
  • Abuse – Including domestic, including physical, verbal and sexual abuse
  • Bereavement, grief loss and suffering
  • Gender Identity dysphoria
  • Sexuality Issues and concerns
  • Coming to terms and coping with illness which may be terminal
  • Following road traffic accidents and face traumas such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Fear of driving, fear of confined spaces, pain management, Insomnia, confidence and self esteem Issues, panic & anxiety, depression, anger management, flashbacks. With C.B.T individuals recovery and as a result improve their quality of live and move positively forward in their lives, achieving their goals and aspirations.

What kind of people seek counselling at Simply Therapy in Bury, Greater Manchester?

flower-faqsMany types of people seek and benefit from counselling for many reasons. Therapy is most frequently conducted on a one to one face to face basis with individuals and couples.

Our client group spans across diverse backgrounds, different cultures, gender (male, female, gender fluid), sexual orientation (straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transexuals, transgender), all religious beliefs including atheists.

Our Counsellors welcome diversity and we can accommodate all that need counselling and psychotherapy support to progress in life and enhance their mental health and well being.

Will my counselling session be confidential?

Counselling sessions are confidential and only will be breached if you pose a danger to yourself or others and our psychotherapist will advise you who we will need to inform.

How do I pay for my counselling therapy session?

Counselling sessions are paid at the beginning of each session. If you book an appointment online, we require a 50% deposit through the appointment portal . Alternatively you can pay for your sessions individually or in block bookings online via PayPal , using a credit or debit card at the counselling session or by visiting the payment portal.

Do I have to pay for missed Counselling sessions?

If you miss a counselling session without letting us know at least 24 hours prior to your appointment you will have to pay for your session. If you need to re-schedule an appointment you must do so at least 24 hours in advance.


Do we write to your GP or other health care professionals?

We do not write to your GP or any other party else unless you have requested us to do so.

Do Simply Therapy provide home visits?

Yes our counsellor psychotherapists will able to offer and visit you at your home and conduct a counselling session or at a place where is convenient for you. There may be a small additional charge to cover the costs of travelling.