Transgender Counselling

Transgender Counselling

At Simply Therapy, we offer a tailor made flexible counselling and psychotherapy service which can be  carried out in one of our exclusive offices, in the comfort of your own home or suitable location.We offer counselling from qualified practitioners with over 20 years work experience supporting people by enabling theme to work through their issues and piece together step by step positive solutions that are right for them.

Here at Simply Therapy our psychotherapists offer a personalised counselling therapy sessions unique and tailor-made to suit your needs, wants and requirements. Counselling can help those who are experiencing a difficult and distressing time.

Transgender-sign-300x216GID  known as Gender Identity Disorder (GID)/ Gender Dysphoria is where a person is not happy with their assigned gender.  Individuals with gender dysphoria do not necessarily identify themselves as Male to Female or Female to Male. There is a diverse range of trans individuals which includes, trans, gender fluid, transgender and transexual and each person is unique in how they identify themselves.

At Simply Therapy we can support you as a counsellor psychotherapist where you are feeling confused,  unsure of your gender and feel there is something missing, wanting a greater understanding of your feelings , thoughts and emotions and have questions relating to your being. Our counselling support includes supporting your family members and close friends so they can acknowledge and understand and learn to accept the inner conflicts that you face relating to your gender.

At Simply Therapy our clients come to us from diverse backgrounds and cultures when they are feeling confused,  questioning or feel they are at odds with themselves, feel suppressed and cannot move forward in their life and  feel dragged down and cannot seem to understand why this is happening stopping them from progressing further and are in a “stuck” mode.

Some individuals come to our counsellor therapist as they feel that they are in the wrong body, feel uncomfortable in public spaces, feel they are being watched and judged, and cannot accept and come to terms with the gender they were assigned to and are unable to come to terms with remaining in the gender role they were assigned to when they were born. Many individuals in this situation find it hard to ask for help for fear of being judged, victimised and bullied.

The clients need counselling pyschotherapy  to enable them to explore their inner feelings, thoughts and emotions and to start working out solutions that they are happy with and will enable them to move forward in life reaching their goals and aspirations.

Gender DysphoriaYour counselling therapy session with us at Simply is a place where you will not be judged, you can feel safe, where you have the freedom to talk, express yourself and be listened to, feel understood, giving you time to analyse and explore your feelings some of which may be suppressed. If you are feeling overwhelmed, lost and confused and feel you cannot move forward then take the first positive step to making a change by Simply Therapy.

You will be with us and our experience in enabling, supporting you with your dilemmas, issues and concerns and where you can learn to deal in the right way for you the major changes that you are facing in life and come up with answers to the underlying feelings you have which can be brought forward and where you can deal with the big issues.

As  counsellors we are passionate and truly understand the extent of how gender identity can affect lives of those who have gender dysphoria. Specialist counselling is offered at £40 per session. If you require more information on our specialist gender counselling please do not hesitate to contact us.