Helping our employee absenteeism


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We have a business in Bury and have had to loose 2 employees and  in the past where their absenteeism due to their mental health condition impacted substantially on the team n business performance. As a caring employer we made allowances with reduction in hours and even accepted telephone calls on the day where the individual was unable to get to work which meant we had to put heavy pressure on the rest of the team members. As a consequence we had to re advertise, recruit and retrain new employees which had additional cost implications and affected our turnover until the staff were fully trained.

This time when we were faced with a situation where the staff member was suffering from depression and other issues we decided to try using the service from Jan as a counsellor and just after 3 sessions the difference in the employee was considerable and now the individual is back to work on a full time capacity, motivation back and drive and performance has exceeded. I wish I had made the refferals earlier as we have the best interest of our staff and want happy fully functional team members that are an asset to our organisation.