Addiction to the Internet and On-line Pornography


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At Simply Therapy are addiction experts and experienced in dealing with  various internet, pornography and on line sex issues. We can help you manage and control addictions such as chat room, web based sex and cyber sex. You will be able to in a safe non judgemental environment explore your true inner feelings and we will enable you to explore your thoughts and make real positive changes which will enable you to deal with and manage your addictions.

Internet addiction support Includes a thorough assessment, with a psychotherapist treatment plan.

With Internet addiction there is the underlying obsession and need to search online which is never satisfied and the urge controls you and is relentless where you can be lost in time and search continuously for that fix that will ultimately satisfy you.

For those who  experience online problems where  the Internet is like a private place where they can find the friends or potential relationships that they want and need .  Here men and women can in their own home explore endless activities whenever they want at their fingertips and can walk away or towards it when it suits.  When online they say something wrong they then can just change their name and details and start afresh.

Simply Therapy is there to support you

Do not feel isolated, overwhelmed, and ashamed. Come to us at Simply Therapy and we will support you and enable you to deal with your issues.

 How do you recognise internet, pornography and on line sex addictions

  • compulsive urge to check the internet
  • Neglecting your eating , sleeping and drinking and personal hygiene
  • Becoming isolated
  • Depression
  • Facing relationship problems
  • Panic and anxiety attacks if internet access is not available
  • Obsession in excessive time spent online on the internet
  • Neglecting family and friends
  • Unable to concentrate on work and other tasks
  • Feeling empty, depressed when not on line
  • Lying to people to cover for the excessive amount of time spent on line
  • Not engaging in other activities leading to social isolation


Could you be an internet, pornography or online sex addict ​​?

You  have a compulsion if you:

  • Feel a strong need and urge which draws you online when you should be doing something else
  • When you are not online you feel withdrawn,anxious and tense as if you are missing out
  • Where your online presence interferes with other activities
  • Where you find it hard to restrict and reduce time spent on the internet
  • Where online activity interferes with your personal and family relationships

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