Untangle my thoughts


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I have been a clients of Jan at Simply Therapy, having had 6 counselling sessions. I had been waiting to see a counsellor for 5 months with my GP surgery through the NHS and was told that that it can take a long time to be seen through the system.

When I asked my Doctor how much longer I had to wait she could not give me a time-scale and suggested I see Jan Joshi and the practice sent the referral form and I was contacted and seen within 24 hours!

I have found Jan’s support to be fantastic she has helped me to untangle and explore my  thoughts and feelings and enabled me to be able to in my own pace work through the issues that I have and put in place strategies in being able to deal with my problems, making me stronger and supporting me to take control and deal with my troubling concerns and  what life has thrown at me!

Now I have regained my self esteem and confidence and have put in place measures and worked through my problems and can move on postively in my life.